In East philosophy, the body is seen as an orchestra whose music is the soul. Remove any instrument, or change the way it is played, and you alter the music entirely.To bring out the full breath of the spirit, you must finely tune each organ as if it were an instrument. And each organ must blend harmoniously with the rest of the body – all the other pieces of the orchestra.To bring forth the most complete and beautiful being, which is you.The Ohashiatsu Consultant is like the conductor of an orchestra. He or she hears instruments that are playing out of tune and guides them to bring each into harmony with the rest of the orchestra. But it is you who are the virtuoso behind each instrument – you are the ultimate healer.

by Ohashi, Reading the Body



Summary of Qualifications

Silvani Cruz graduated from the Ohashi Institute for Shiatsu  in 1996. She studied directly under Wataru Ohashi and received the highest honors to practice and teach his lineage of shiatsu as one of his Certified Ohashiatsu Consultants. Silvani combines her experiences practicing and teaching Tai Chi, yoga and meditation into a unifying healing session for ones body, mind and spirit. Her Brazilian enthusiasm for life, sensibility and creativity are apparent in her teaching, bodywork and personal spirit. Through a life long passion and study of the Eastern healing arts, Silvani has developed a deep awareness of our human needs for health and well being. She is deeply committed to spiritual serenity and human touch as a means to harmony in her own life and those she touches. 

Silvani’s focus is on each individual’s specific needs, tailoring specific shiatsu sessions and teaching them appropriate modalities according to their personal challenges. Over the past years Silvani has been working with nurse practitioners, naturopaths and homeopaths enabling her to expand her work and knowledge within the medical community.



Professional Experience and Education

2010 – Mandala Yoga Teacher Training by Lila at Jatobá, Brazil. 

1996 – Present    

Private practice: Shiatsu practitioner, Tai Chi and Yoga instructor. New York, NY
  •  Along with thoroughly listening to my clients I use traditional hara (abdominal) and meridian diagnosis for all of my shiatsu sessions.
  • Shiatsu sessions are designed to treat the physical, mental and spiritual issues we all face. Through my use of physical touch, specific yoga/tai qi exercise recommendations and meditative relaxation techniques sessions become a gateway to complete health.
  • My teaching style for Neigong Taijiquan or Yi Jin Jing exercise classes focus on cultivating all aspects of our well being through the specific exercises, meditational component and by promoting a joyful light hearted experience.
  • Yoga has very successfully bridged many Eastern aspects of health and well being to that of the West, and that is why I incorporate it within my practice. I teach the foundational principles of yoga as they pertain to ones complete wellness. My classes focus on the fundamental postures, breathing, and meditation. The goals of the classes are for clients to experience through simple postures, unconstrained breathing and mindfulness a new awareness of their being – i.e.: Our body structure: tensions and relaxed areas. Our minds power: to distract and focus. And our spiritual: experiencing harmony of body and mind within ourselves and with nature.

2006 – 2007          Prana Yoga Teacher Training

            New York City Open Center: directed by Jeff Migdow, M.D. with Robyn Ross, R.Y.T.
            Began practicing Yoga in 1996 and completed formal teacher training in 2007.


2003 – 2004         Thai Yoga Basic Certification Training – Level 1 & 2

New York Open Center: with Jonas Westring

2003 – 2004         CranioSacral Therapy Level l & 2

             The Upledger Institute, Inc.

2002      Olive Leaf Spa: Independent shiatsu practitioner (one year contract). New York, NY
  • Filled the need for a seasoned professional bodywork practitioner for the newly opened spa.
  • Consulted on the recruiting of other practitioners and on the spas operational procedures.

  1996 – 2000        

The Ohashi Institute: Ohashiatsu Practitioner. New York, NY
  • Was honored with an invitation by Wataru Ohashi to practice at the institute as a Certified Ohashiatsu Practitioner.
  • Continued to take shiatsu and reflexology enhancement workshops.
  •  Volunteered as a shiatsu practitioner for healing and retreat weekends at Dai Bosatsu Zen Monastery.
  • Began studying Yoga.

1993 – 1995The Ohashi Institute: Studied shiatsu directly under Wataru Ohashi. New York, NY

  • Learned Ohashiatsu style of shiatsu as well as Shizuto Masunaga Zen Shiatsu.
  •  Graduated with honors after training with Ohashi at Dai Bosatsu Zen Monastery.
  • Studied Zen meditation at the New York Zendo and Dai Bosatsu Kongo-Ji.

1991 – PresentSociety for Nanlaoshu: student and teacher, New York, NY

  • Study and practice Neigong Taijiquan and Yi Jin Jing exercises for longevity.
  • Teach these Yin style techniques to individuals of all ages and abilities.

1988 – 1990        Brazil: English teacher. Starts studying different modalities of bodywork and Tai Qi. 


l984 – 1988           New York: Portuguese teacher for various language institutes and private clients. 


1983 – Graduate degree in Literature: Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras, Brazil.


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